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  • currency456052112
    Curren$y- A Smooth Flight With No Turbulence

    I’ve derived pleasure and found merit in every phase of rap/hip-hop over the years. The goofy-Biz Markie, Tone Loc, The Beastie Boys. The gangster- N.W.A., TuPac, Biggie. The socially conscious- Common, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco. The Nerd-...

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  • reggie9large
    Reggie Watts-Comedy From Another Galaxy

    U sually when you start off one of these interview thingy’s, the intro will be something like “We caught up with…Blah Blah at Blah Blah…” and it’s just an opening phrase, a...

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  • cchalfhour
    Comedy Central Is Making Friday Nights Funnier

    Fans of the hit series “Comedy Central Presents” will most likely have another new show to add to their rotation starting May 11th. “The Half Hour”, much like its predecessor, will showcase 30 minute standup specials performed...

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  • BensonSurprise_2100
    Doug Benson Interview

    Coming to Atlanta on May 6th and playing the Punchline, Doug Benson is ready to rock! It would take too long to cite all of his credits, but here is a small sampling:  He has his own...

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  • Star-Bar-outside
    Seriously Crackin Up at The Star Bar

        “Oh….Hello.” The main entrance was still locked and I didn’t notice the man standing in the shadowy corner of the vestibule behind me until just that moment. “Hello” he replies, pulling the skull cap tighter, dragging...

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  • WOW! – World of Wheels Lives Up To It’s Acronym

    There are probably two things that I will always be thankful to my stepfather for. One would be my obsession when it comes to horror movies, the other being my deep appreciation and love of classic cars....

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  • Led Zeppelin 2-As Real As It Gets

    Much like I’d discover from most of the people who came out to see Led Zeppelin 2 last Wednesday, I had never seen them perform.  A simple random search for events to cover that week had  luckily...

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  • Ralphie May-Staying Straight and Soldiering On

    “I’m not sure what the deal is but he didn’t call in again today.” Ange kept her cool but was becoming slightly irritated after being blown off for her interview with Ralphie May two days in a...

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  • DSC_0007
    Jake Johannsen- 200 Laughs-MINIMUM!

    Whether you know him from his insanely hilarious comedy stand up specials (This’ll take About an Hour, Comedy Central Presents, I Love You), his bazillion guest appearances on David Letterman or as the host of one of...

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  • Bob’s Burgers-Here’s to New Bacon-nings!

    It’s been awhile since Fox has introduced a new animated series into its Sunday “domination” lineup that has really put me on notice. Although I’m a mental idiot when it comes to “Family Guy” and “American Dad”,...

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