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  • braves
    The Doctor Is In….

    OK doctor, it’s like this. I’ve been feeling a little blue lately. What’s that? Oh yeah…I know I should be happy; it’s that wonderful time of year when Football is in full swing and Baseball is headed...

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  • DSC_8171
    You can call me Al…”Weird Al” Yankovic

    Cobb Energy Center October 1, 2011 OK. I’ll admit it. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I walked into the Cobb Energy Center to check out the Weird Al Yankovic show on Saturday night. I...

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  • Bucs-Falcons
    The Strange Case of Dr. Ryan and Mr. Ice….

    I once had a very wise man tell me “Some stuff you just can’t figure out”. Trust me . . . I’m hip. I spent my Sunday afternoon (as I always do) watching the Atlanta Falcons play....

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  • nfl-lockout-over-gi
    All Is Forgiven . . .

    Anybody remember the bad old days? The days when all you heard on sports talk radio and television were terms like “stalemate”, “appellate court” and “player run workouts”. They say misery loves company and it sure seemed...

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  • basketball_football
    An ounce of prevention…

    Let me ask you a couple of questions and you tell me what you think. -If you had a dead body in front of you, how much time and money would you spend on administering medical treatment...

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  • us_2011_womens_soccer_team
    My cup runneth over…

    I have to be honest with you. I get a little tired of hearing people all around the world say that the United States doesn’t pay any attention to soccer.  Just because we don’t riot, destroy stadiums,...

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  • ptreeroadrace2011
    Running right on time…

    The fourth of July has come and gone and that can only mean one thing in Atlanta. The annual running of the Peachtree Road Race is in the history books. Just in case you have been living...

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    From One Town to Another

    Dear Boston, First of all, let me congratulate you on the Bruins remarkable game 7 victory to win the Stanley Cup. It was a tremendous effort on behalf of the entire squad and despite the gazillion miles...

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  • puck
    The Puck Stops Here

    (Aka-Lightning never strikes twice…unless it does. Sometimes in multiple places. Confused yet….? Well holds on to your hats (or throw them on the ice) ….we’ve only just begun…) Once there was a city that lost a hockey...

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  • AtlantaHawks
    Hard To Sell

    OK. I promised myself I wasn’t going to talk about the Hawks after they exited the playoffs (big surprise) in lackluster fashion. I mean…there is nothing I can say that’s creative or original and hasn’t been said...

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