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  • Flogging Molly - The Tabernacle - 020913_DSC3570
    Flogging Molly at The Tabernacle

    When people think about attending a family reunion it often brings to mind images of holidays spent around the dining room table or sitting in front of a fireplace telling stories. For the Flogging Molly fans in...

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  • Flogging Molly 110214 Tabernacle - DSC_8454
    I Heart Flogging Molly

    Valentine’s Day can mean different things to different people.  For those who find themselves alone on Valentine’s Day, February 14th can be marred with cynicism and overdoses on chocolate .  For this single gal, I cannot imagine...

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  • Against Me! for you!

    It was one of those opportunities that made me race to Facebook for a status update: I was going to see Against Me! for a second time in my concert-going career. After seeing the band for the...

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  • Thimblerig Circus

    The Extraordinary Contraptions have been touring with a circus.  That’s right, circus.  Thimblerig Circus performed with The Extraordinary Contraptions at DragonCon.  Tonight, they opened the show with acts of juggling and comedy.  They continued with sword swallowing,...

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  • The Extraordinary Contraptions

    Hometown heroes, The Extraordinary Contraptions, describe themselves as time travelers that have united to play Steampunk.  Steampunk combines science fiction, time travel and alternate history while adding romanticized views on technology.  Besides the music, Steampunk bands will...

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